Every Cloud…

Today was the last day of our Easter break together, so when Gavin suggested a bike ride I thought ‘oh how romantic’ this is just the way to end our holidays!

I was wrong. Very wrong.

To begin with, I haven’t been on a bike since I was 10 (and even at that young age I realised I much prefer the car as my mode of transport) and (as I’ve discovered today) am really not that fit. I was imagining cycling along with the sun shining, chatting with Gavin and having time to think about lots of interesting posts that I could add to this blog! Not so.

IMG00016-20110426-1230Gavin, I believe, had the same hopes and, unfortunately, he too was sorely disappointed. Instead of green fields, fresh air, romance and entertaining company, he got me.

My issues with the expedition were as follows:

  • The tyres on the bike continually needed pumping up – this did nothing for my confidence and concern that the bike was definitely able to support my weight.
  • I do not understand the gear system. Nor do I care that you are supposed to use them. They confuse me. I mean, who wants to be in a higher gear if it means that you have more ‘resistance’. Which really means (to me anyway) you have to push the pedals harder. Grrr. This did nothing for my tired and aching legs, not to mention my temper when I was given constant tutorials into how important they are.
  • The seat was extremely uncomfortable and my bum was sore within the first 5 minutes (we were out for 2.5 hours).
  • Although it looked like a lovely day outside, it was in fact cold. Very cold. I had to have my hood up to protect my ears – so much for looking attractive to my new husband.
  • I also do not own sports clothes, so my jeans (with the little sparkly bits) did not aid in my comfort while I trying my hardest to pedal against the wind – of which there was a lot, no matter what direction we went.
  • Within the first 15 minutes I was thirsty. There was no shop for another hour. At this point I did admit (only inwardly however) that maybe my husband was right about the bottle of water he suggested bringing.
  • My face, mouth, nose and clothes were covered in what can only be described as a flies graveyard.
  • I was followed and chased by an enormous bee that seemed attracted to my lovely perfume (which I had doused myself in, in aid of the ‘romantic outing’). Very foolish.
  • I also very quickly realised that, perhaps, I should have visited the bathroom before leaving home.
  • My engaging conversations with Gavin were anything but that. They consisted of me saying (read complaining, moaning, crying) ‘I’m tired’, ‘my legs are sore’, ‘I need a break’, ‘I do not care about the gears – I want to go at this slow speed all the time’ and other very mature and endearing things.
  • I was constantly passed by children and toddlers on their bicycles and, at times, even the elderly who were out for a leisurely stroll.

IMG00015-20110426-1230After all of that, unfortunately I have nothing interesting to share today. However, as I cycled almost 10 miles (I’ve checked it out online) I do feel that I can indulge in the home-made burger and chips that I am supervising Gavin making, the ice cream in the freezer and lots of Easter eggs and chocolate treats, without a moment of guilt….every cloud eh?


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