#God’s Sorority

There’s a relatively new programme on E4 – Sorority Girls, I wonder have you seen it?

I have caught a few episodes and it actually really bothers me, or to be fair, one of the lines from it really annoys me. Unfortunately, that line is the one line on which the whole show is based!

It might surprise you to know that the line can actually be found in the Bible, in Daniel 5: 27. It’s when King Nebuchadnezzar sees the writing on the wall and reads:

“you have been weighed on the scales and found wanting”.

So, if it’s biblical, then why does it bother me so much?

Perhaps, it’s the context in which it is used and the context of the society in which we live, that causes me so much frustration.

Incase you haven’t seen the show here’s a clip that gives you an overview of what it’s about, you’ll even hear the line to which I am referring:

These American sorority girls are on the hunt for 5 UK girls to join them and their hunt is ruthless! As with many of these shows (The Apprentice, X factor, Big Brother etc) the hopefuls live together and are required to compete against each other in a series of challenges, to prove themselves worthy.

Just so you know, I am have nothing against sororities (as far as I know!) because I don’t know that much about them and I certainly have no personal experience of them. All I know is what I see on-screen. I also have nothing against reality shows in general – Saturday night would not be complete without X-factor!

But it’s the whole ethos of what they are doing and saying, in this show particularly ,that bothers me. Each week there is an eviction show at which they question the girls, they encourage them criticise each other or defend themselves, and then they send one disappointed hopeful packing – usually distraught, normally angry, always kicked out.

The team of ‘judges’ (5 of ‘Americas Finest sorority girls’) leave the ‘loser’ with this line…

‘You have been weighed and measured and found lacking,

please return your pearls’

At this point, the girl is forced to return the pearls she has been wearing around her neck, and face the walk of shame as she leaves room.

I know it’s made for TV, I realise that those who don’t make it will probably get on with their lives and be fine, but it’s the line and the sentiment that goes with it that really sticks in my throat. Why? Because I think it’s indicative of the culture and society in which we live.

We often say to each other, verbally or through our actions, these words:

‘You have been weighed and measured by me and I have found you lacking’.

Or perhaps, it dresses itself in these words: you don’t fit in; you aren’t pretty enough; you’re too fat or too thin; your lifestyle doesn’t measure up; your background is questionable; you don’t belong with us.

Bottom line: you aren’t good enough, I can’t be bothered with you, you don’t make my cut.

I know I say it, I do it and I think it. I also watch other’s perpetuate it and too often, as a society, we celebrate or entertain it.

The words come from the Bible and are God’s warning to King Nebuchadnezzar to change his ways so that his life stacks up in front of God – not man.  The words, although biblical, do not justify our use of them, verbally or practically, towards each other.

The truth is, because of Christ we can all belong to God’s Sorority, if we choose to follow him.  A sorority that isn’t based on abilities, actions, looks, alliances or standing in this world. A sorority where there are no tests, challenges or tasks to win or excel at. A family (for that is what a sorority is said to be) where I will never hear the words ‘Lindsay you have been weighed and measured and found lacking…’ because when God examines me He sees Christ, his perfect son in whom He is ‘well pleased’.

I think that’s why this show, and the line it uses, annoys me so much. There is so much more to this life than living up to others expectations, to picking and choosing who is ‘in’ and who is ‘out’, and demanding that people fit our bill or they don’t fit at all.

God’s Sorority is based on His Son, Jesus Christ who accepts, forgives and welcomes us all as equals and individuals.

Perhaps if there is a hash tag with the Kingdom of God it could be #John1:12. I am very thankful for that!

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